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iGuide is an appraisal service dedicated to art, antiques, coins, collectibles, memorabilia and many other tangible assets. Basically, iGuide is millions of web pages, each devoted to an individual object. Dozens of categories are included, from art to antiques, from action figures to baseball cards, comic books to movie posters, zippo lighters, and everything in between.

At, we try to help you answer the question, "What's it worth?" iGuide empowers you with price information. iGuide gives you an edge. You'll buy smarter, and sell smarter.

A growing list of free online apps are being launched, each with a goal to make it easier to create inventory labels, launch items to eBay or other marketplaces, inventory your collection, quickly find a buyer, and more.

The goal of iGuide is to be the #1 appraisals resource on the internet. Through iGuide, members can identify, authenticate, and learn the true fair market value of their tangible assets. iGuide's mission is to provide a single resource for current market values of objects of value.

Unique Features

iGuide has unique features found nowhere else.
Rarity Rating - 1 to 5 stars (from Trash to Treasure) - the Rarity Rating is an insight into how rare an item is. Users can "vote" and iGuide averages the votes. Our Subject Matter Experts assign a preliminary rating in most cases, but the collector community is in control of the final vote. The vote can change over time based on input from experts.

Demand Rating - 1 to 5 stars (from Low to Extremely High) - the Demand Rating is a look at the collector demand for an item. Users can "vote" and iGuide averages the votes. As with the Rarity Rating, our Subject Matter Experts assign a preliminary rating and the collector community has input via the voting mechanism.

Liquidity Rating - A+ to F - the LIQUIDITY RATING is like a TRASH or TREASURE report card grade for the liquidity of an item (in other words, how quickly it should sell). An A+ rated item is a very good investment with high demand and strong liquidity, an F rated item is a very poor investment with very low demand, basically trash (in the opinion of iGuide's Board of Advisors).