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Our mission: To be Ground Truth for the pricing of art, antiques, coins, collectibles and other tangible assets of value.

Our mission shapes everything we do, ensuring affordable access to accurate market values is always within reach of everyone regardless of economic status.

Our Story

iGuide's journey began with a vision to create a comprehensive repository of pricing information across a myriad of categories — art, antiques, collectibles, memorabilia, and beyond. We recognized early on the challenges collectors, sellers, and investors face in finding reliable market values. In response, was born, a beacon for those navigating the often murky waters of collectibles market pricing. iGuide is an online appraisal service specializing in the evaluation and pricing of personal property, including hundreds of categories of antiques and collectibles. From rare finds to everyday items, we appraise just about anything of value, providing a crucial resource for collectors, sellers, and investor alike.

Early History

iGuide was founded in 1984 by Jon R. Warren, a notable figure first associated with Overstreet Publications and Wizard Press. Originally starting as a publisher of price guide books including Warren's Movie Poster Price Guide, Wizard: The Guide to Comics, Comics Source, The Official Guide to Vintage Paperbacks, and others, iGuide Media, Inc. made its mark in the field of antiques and collectibles. This early endeavor set the stage for what would eventually become a digital powerhouse in the appraisal industry.

About Our Founder

Jon Warren price guides

Jon in 2005.

Jon Warren has been a pioneering figure in the world of collectibles and pricing guides for decades. With an eye for detail and a passion for accuracy, Jon built the foundation for Under his leadership, iGuide has grown from a fledgling site into a trusted authority on price research. Jon's commitment to integrity and transparency remains at the heart of our operations, inspiring our team to continually raise the bar. Warren's vision was clear from the beginning. As the founder of, Jon brought his deep expertise and passion for collectibles to the forefront, transforming the landscape of price research and appraisal. Under his leadership, iGuide evolved from publishing print guides to becoming a digital authority, ensuring Jon's legacy of accuracy and integrity continues to guide our path forward.

Appraising the Landscape

iGuide Appraisal Services has distinguished itself not only among collectors but also as expert witness for government and as appraiser to the stars. Our expertise has been retained for appraising the collections of notable individuals, including the extensive movie memorabilia collection of legendary actor John Wayne. Our commitment to educating collectors and estates about the value of their belongings underscores our role as a trusted advisor in the appraisal world.

The Dawn of the Internet

Embracing the Internet Age in the late 1990s, we recognized the transformative potential of databases accessible online. In 1999, launched as a searchable tool for pricing an array of collectibles, including movie posters, comic books, action figures, Beanie Babies, and more. This transition marked a significant milestone, extending our reach and impact globally.

Major Milestone Reached

In 2022, iGuide achieved a landmark milestone, having provided over 5 million appraisals to collectors and estates worldwide. This achievement not only reflects our extensive experience and trust within the community but also our commitment to serving the needs of collectors across the globe.

Exciting Future

As we look ahead, iGuide is excited about the possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) and data automation offer. We are at the cusp of a new era where AI can sift through vast amounts of unstructured text to distill accurate, real-time market pricing. This technological evolution will enable us to expand our database, refine our accuracy, and offer insights with unprecedented precision. Our aim is not just to keep pace with the advancements but to be at the forefront, leveraging these technologies to empower our users with the most comprehensive and up-to-date pricing information available.

Our new servers located outside Nashville, Tennessee, USA are enabling us to:

  • Expand Our Dataset: Leveraging AI to broaden our categories and items, making our database as comprehensive as possible.
  • Increase Accuracy: Utilizing data automation to lock and load real market data for real-time updates, ensuring the most current market prices.
  • Empower Users: Developing tools and insights to enable informed decisions for buyers, sellers, or investors exploring the value of collectibles.


We are dedicated to our mission of demystifying the value of art, antiques, collectibles— indeed, anything of value — and sharing this knowledge universally with everyone. Through ongoing innovation and a commitment to accuracy, we will always strive to be Ground Truth for pricing valuable objects.

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