Silver $29.08 Gold $2399.10 Platinum $963.00 Palladium $890.00 Copper $0.27 Active: 368
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Rare Coin Appraisal: $48000
Even broken jewelry can be worth a lot of money!
Franklin Mint Silver appraisal: collecting silver art bars was big in the 1970s.
Knife Collection Appraisal Rare Case Tested XX $2000
Rare Beanie Baby Appraisal: $1000
Rare Zippo Lighter Appraisal: $3000
Rare Barbie Doll Appraisal: $13000
Rare Baseball Card Appraisal: $4.5 million
Rare Michael Jordan rookie card sold for $8 in 1987.
Today: $347000

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