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Movie Poster Price Guide

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How much is my Movie Poster collection worth?

movie poster price guide

About Movie Poster Prices

Wondering how much your old Movie Posters are worth? iGuide's movie poster appraisals are provided by Mr. Jon R. Warren, whose price guide books have been the authority on poster prices since 1986. And iGuide is proud to host the online version of Warren's Movie Poster Price Guide.

(fun fact) Jon is the official appraiser for the fabulous movie poster collection from the estate of legendary film actor John Wayne.

When you need to know the current value of your movie posters, iGuide's appraisal service is backed by Warren's decades of experience. Before you buy or sell, get an expert opinion from our category expert.

Got a question?

Email us CLICK HERE. Put us to work. Whether you need an insurance appraisal, estate appraisal, or just a professional opinion, iGuide is ready to help. WARNING Buying or selling without iGuide could be hazardous to your wealth!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I use the SEARCH feature?

Our search is a product search, so don't ask it questions. And avoid using plurals like STAR WARS MOVIE POSTERS. Don't include the words MOVIE POSTER in your search. Our search finds matching pages based on keywords you type into the Search Box found at the top of each page. By default, search restricts itself to only the movie poster category, but you can uncheck the 'Limit search to this category' checkbox to open the search to our entire catalog of objects. By including the TYPE of movie poster in your search string (ONE SHEET, LOBBY CARD, HALF SHEET, etc) you can find a specific version of a movie poster, for example STAR WARS HALF SHEET. Search does not reveal prices. For pricing, request an appraisal.
DRACULA will return all movie posters with DRACULA in the title (it's a LOT).
DRACULA ONE SHEET will return all ONE SHEET movie posters with DRACULA in the title.
DRACULA 1931 ONE SHEET will return all ONE SHEETS with DRACULA in the title and released in the year 1931.
DRACULA JOHN WAYNE will produce NO RESULTS because nowhere in the database is a poster from a DRACULA movie with JOHN WAYNE in the title line.

Are old movie posters worth anything?

It depends. Prices vary widely. We keep up with the market, so we can help you know what is a fair market value at the current time.

How can I sell my Movie Poster collection?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including how much time you want to invest in selling and whether or not you want to start a new business. Our experts can explain your options and help you get started on the path that is best for you.

Are Movie Poster collections valuable?

Yes, some are (but not all). We can help you separate the trash from the treasure.

What are ASK and BID prices?

The ASK price is the retail price. Retail is the price a dealer will ask for and a collector will likely pay. Getting the retail price takes time because you have to find a collector willing to pay top dollar. BID is the wholesale price. The wholesale price is the price a dealer will likely pay. Getting the wholesale price is fast because dealers serve as "market makers" willing to support the market and buy immediately.

How is the market right now?

The market for Movie Posters is small but surprisingly strong for the rare issues in top condition. It should be noted that in most cases movie posters bring the top prices only when in unused MINT condition. Used examples of most movie posters are not all that hard to find and do not command the prices that the same poster in unused or Mint condition brings. The market for common movie posters is weak. One important fact anyone wishing to sell movie posters should know is that ALL collector price guide books are far out of date and the prices are not realistic today. The rare Universal Horror and early Science Fiction posters in top condition are very much sought-after and sell quickly at high prices. Beginning in the late 1970s, posters were over-produced by the studios thus they are quite common. Still, some command good prices on some marketplaces, while others fail to sell or sell at far below face value.


Jon R. Warren spent years compiling his database of movie posters. His research culminated with the first edition of Warren's Movie Poster Price Guide, which was published in 1986. It was the first comprehensive catalog and price guide for movie poster collectors. A second edition was published in 1993 by iGuide Media. The 6th edition was published in 2004, and editions were published every couple of years in between. In 2005, the price guide was moved to the Internet, and has been here at ever since.