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Franklin Mint

Golden Replicas of United States Stamps (Franklin Mint, 2009)

A collection of replica stamps, comprised of 22 KT gold micro-layered on paper stock, and sealed to a First Day of Issue cover, representing great stamps of America, in two binders.

78 RPM Records

STAMPS QUARTET City of Gold (Brunswick 418, 1930) 78 RPM Record

A: City of Gold
B: Thou Art My Strength

78 RPM Records

STAMPS QUARTET There's a Ranch House in Heaven (Columbia 21377, 1955) 78 RPM Country Record

A: There's a Ranch House in Heaven
B: I'll Have a Mansion of My Own

Franklin Mint

Wildlife Mint: Migratory Bird Stamps 1934-1981 Medals Collection

Each 35.5 mm medal is one troy ounce of .999 pure silver. Complete set of 48 medals with the original wood display case.

Franklin Mint

The 100 Greatest Stamps of the World Sterling Silver Miniature Collection (Franklin Mint, 1981)

100 mini ingots in sterling silver. In original case, with certificate of authenticity dated October 5, 1981.

Hamilton Mint

World War II Historic Silver Coin Collection 1941-1945 with Stamps & Medal (2004)

This collection includes 25 coins with 2 stamps and one medal issued by the United States Commemorative Gallery, all housed in Mahogany display box.

There are 5 silver walking Liberty half dollars from 1941 through 1945, 5 silver Washington quarters from 1941 through 1945, 4 Jefferson wartime nickels from 1942 through 1945, 5 silver Mercury dimes from 1941 through 1945, 3 Lincoln Pennies from 1944 through 1946 and 3 - 1943 steel pennies one each from the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco mint.

Also included are the 5 cents Churchill and 3 cents Iwo Jima stamps as well as a 'Efficiency - Honor - Fidelity' bronze colored medal.

Franklin Mint

The United States Olympic Postage Stamps in Solid Sterling Silver (Franklin Mint, 1980)

Complete set of 10 medallic stamps in a black display box. Certified February 5, 1980. The 1980 United States Olympic Postage Stamps in Solid Sterling Silver are the first silver postage stamps ever issued under the authorization of the United States Postal Service. These were minted by The Franklin Mint under authorization of the Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee.

Hamilton Mint

The Gold Nations of the World 23KT Gold Stamps Collection (Calhoun Collectors Society)

Minted in micron thin 23 karat gold overlaid on paper. 20,000 sets were produced. The First Stamps Ever issued In Solid 23 Karat Gold to Honor The Great Nations Of The World. An Official Philatelic Offering of Staffa Scotland. Book dimensions are a 8 by 6 1/2 by 1 1/4 inches. Includes 23 pages which are double sided and include the name of the country and a stamp on the front page and a brief one page which has facts about gold mining and other interesting information for each country.

Franklin Mint

The 100 Greatest Olympic Stamps Gold on Sterling Miniatures (Franklin Mint, 1984)

Complete set of 100 medallic stamps in a maroon display box.

Franklin Mint

Best US Commemorative Stamp Issue of 1971 Silver Medal & Stamps (MACO, 1971)

37mm medal with antique finish housed in heavy plastic holder with 8 un-cancelled 8 cents stamps. Medal is edgemarked: MACO-NY-FINE SILVER-.999+

Danbury Mint

Danbury Mint The Royal Stamps Silver Stamps Collection, The Queen's Silver Jubilee

Complete set of three sterling silver stamps in a velvet-lined display.

Franklin Mint

The Empire Collection of Great British Stamps (Franklin Mint, 1983)

Complete set of 25 stamp-shaped ingots.

78 RPM Records

STAMPS QUARTET Love Leads the Way (Bluebird 6038, 1935) 78 RPM Record

A: Love Leads the Way
B: Give the World a Smile

Franklin Mint

The International Society of Postmasters World's First Stamps Collection (Franklin Mint, 1979)

73 gold-plated on sterling silver proofs.  73 nations stamps that were the first to issue stamps. Limited edition by the International Society of Postmasters. 22 August 1979

Baseball Cards

1944 Yankees Baseball Stamps Uncut Sheet

Single sheet of 30, issued in commemoration of the 1943 World Series win. 
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