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USA Coins

USA 2007 W Thomas Jefferson's Lady Liberty 3rd Presidency $10 Gold Coin from First Spouse Series

The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 contains a provision to provide continuity of the First Spouse Gold Coin Program during those times in which a President served without a First Spouse. This provision applies to Thomas Jefferson, whose wife Martha died in 1782. Married in 1772, Thomas Jefferson was a widower for 19 years when he became President in 1801.

The gold coins issued to accompany any President who served without a spouse will each feature a design emblematic of Liberty on its obverse, as depicted on a United States coin originally issued during the President’s time in office. For Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, the selected image appeared on the Draped Bust Half-Cent coin from 1800–1808, and was originally executed by United States Mint Chief Engraver Robert Scot.

Reverse Design

Thomas Jefferson is widely recognized for his unmatched expertise with the written word. Even in death, Jefferson left no room for interpretation, leaving careful and precise instructions detailing exactly which of his achievements would be memorialized on his final resting place.

Located on the grounds of his Monticello estate, his monument states "Here was buried Thomas Jefferson: author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom and father of the University of Virginia."

Franklin Mint

THOMAS JEFFERSON 3" Bronze Commemorative Medal (U.S. Mint Presidential Series, #103)

76mm (3 inches) in diameter, 3/16 inches thick. Approximately 8 ounces of solid bronze. High relief, antique finish, designed by Pierre Simon Duvivier.

Struck by the U.S. Mint to commemorate Thomas Jefferson as the 3rd President of the United States.

USA Coins

1993-P US Mint Thomas Jefferson Coinage And Currency Set

Philadelphia Mint. Includes uncirculated 1993 Jefferson silver dollar (26.70 grams 90% silver), 1994 Jefferson Nickel, and 1976 Jefferson $2 bill, housed in U.S. Mint packaging and with descriptive color brochure. The Thomas Jefferson Coinage & Currency Set commemorates the 250th anniversary of Jefferson's birth on April 13th, 1743.

Franklin Mint

Franklin Mint Official 1973 Bicentennial Commemorative Plate, Thomas Jefferson

Issued by the Bicentennial Council of the Thirteen Original States. Certified September 4, 1973.

USA Coins

Thomas Jefferson 250th Anniversary Silver Dollar Proof in Box with COA (U.S. Mint, 1993-S)

San Francisco Mint. Includes Silver dollar proof coin, 26.730 grams 90% silver in US Mint box, velvet lined display box, and including certificate of authenticity.

USA Coins

1993-P US MINT Thomas Jefferson Uncirculated Silver Dollar in OGP Box with COA

Philadelphia Mint. Includes original U.S. Mint packaging and certificate of authenticity. 26.7 grams of 90% silver.

Franklin Mint

1976 US Mint Bicentennial Sterling Silver Proof Medal (Thomas Jefferson)

Bicentennial Medal Commemorating the Declaration of Independence. 38mm diameter. Dated 1976 with Thomas Jefferson on the obverse and the signing of the Declaration of Independence on reverse. This coin weighs ~31 grams and is .925 silver.

Franklin Mint

Franklin Mint The Genius of Thomas Jefferson Medals Collection

39mm. Complete set of 12 medals. A sterling silver and a gold-plated version were produced. On the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of the drafting of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, this collection of 12 medals was issued. It commemorates the lifetime of achievement by one of the most brilliant and versatile Americans of all time. Each medal focuses on a major facet of Jefferson's career. This is the first comprehensive collection of medals ever minted to commemorate Jefferson's career. The gold on sterling edition was available only to Franklin Mint Collector Society members.

Rare Stamps

(Scott-95) USA 1867 5c Thomas Jefferson (brown, grill)

Beware of fakes with grill added.
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