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Barbie Dolls

RUBY RADIANCE Bob Mackie's The Jewel Essence Collection 12 inch Barbie Doll (Mattel, #15520, 1996)

Bob Mackie's: The Jewel Essence Collection. 12 inches tall without the stand attached. Pristine condition, never removed from packing, never displayed, with original stand, all original paperwork, and original box.

78 RPM Records

RUBY RANKIN AND GEORGE HAMILTON Mistreated Mama Blues (Champion 15756, 1929) 78 RPM Record

A: Mistreated Mama Blues

45 RPM Records

THE HOMESTEADERS Diamonds For Ruby, Rubies For Pearl (Starday 712, 1965) 45 RPM Record

A: Diamonds For Ruby, Rubies For Pearl
B: White Rain

33-1/3 RPM Record Albums

MISFITS Walk Among Us (Ruby JRR 804, 1982) 33-1/3 RPM Record Album

Original pressings have a pink sky on the cover and a black label with red print.

Zippo Lighters

Vintage 1950s GM / DELCO RUBYLITE 700 "Forward From Fifty" Flat Advertising Lighter

Made in Japan. Measures 1-3/4" tall x 2-1/8" wide.

78 RPM Records

RUBY RASKIN Somebody's Got to Knock a Jug (Champion 15902, 1929) 78 RPM Record

A: Somebody's Got to Knock a Jug
B: Doin' That Thing

Movie Posters

RUBY GENTRY Original American One Sheet (20th Century Fox, 1953)

American One Sheet from the 1953 original release of the film with Jennifer Jones, Charlton Heston. Distributed by 20th Century Fox. 27 inches wide by 41 inches high.

Barbie Dolls

RUBY ROMANCE Barbie Doll (Mattel #13612, 1995)

Service Merchandise Exlusives
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