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Category: Barbie Dolls iGuide.net Page #593519  
8" diameter. Issued in 1975. The total edition was limited to 7500 plates. Get Details
Category: Danbury Mint iGuide.net Page #299382  
Category: Barbie Dolls iGuide.net Page #593520  
Susan Dey and Harry Hamlin of L.A. Law Get Details
Category: TV Magazines iGuide.net Page #564868  
4-Blade Limited Edition Congress Pocket Knife. One of a 12 piece series of knives made to celebrate... Get Details
Category: Knives iGuide.net Page #708565  
Category: Barbie Dolls iGuide.net Page #593516  
Category: Magazines iGuide.net Page #570124  
Category: Records: 78 RPM iGuide.net Page #405147  
Category: Franklin Mint iGuide.net Page #582280  
57mm. Both Bronze and Sterling editions were issued. Price shown is for the sterling edition, the b... Get Details
Category: Franklin Mint iGuide.net Page #79722  
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