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How do I make a proper inventory list of my knife collection?

Jon Warren
Before considering the sale of your valuable knife collection, it's paramount to create a detailed inventory list. This critical document is often the first thing requested by prospective buyers. Collectors and dealers rely on specific information to gauge their interest and propose a fair price. Without a detailed inventory, assessing the value and interest in your collection can be difficult or impossible. For those new to the world of knife collecting, the task may appear daunting. However, this guide aims to simplify the process, ensuring you cover all necessary details efficiently.

iGuide suggests utilizing a spreadsheet application, such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, for inventory management. Google Sheets is particularly favored among buyers for its accessibility and is available at no cost with a Gmail account. Creating a Gmail account is straightforward and can be done by searching for "FREE GMAIL ACCOUNT" online.
(detail from a Google Sheets page) knife sheet example

What are the key details buyers need to know?

A good list will contain these key points at a minimum:


knife tang stamp brand example

The brand or maker of your knife will usually be printed on the handle, often on the shield (the little metal tag on the handle) or on the blade near where the blade and the handle connect. This tiny text printed on the blade is called the TANG STAMP.

Model Number

knife model number example

The MODEL or PATTERN number of your knife is very important. It is usually stamped on the TANG STAMP. Write all the text, for example: 3254 SS.


knife blades example

How many blades does the knife have?

Year of Production

knife year example

Do you know? Often the year is printed on the knife blade or on its box if you still have it. This is very helpful information, but optional.


State whether the knife is USED or LIKE NEW. If it is in the original box, mention it.


How many do you have? The answer goes into your quantity column.


knife country of production example

What country was the knife made in? This too can often be found on one of the tang stamps, or on the box if you have it.

Special Notes

knife noye example

Sometimes you may have a limited edition, or a commemorative knife. There may be some text and art printed on the blade. This is important information. Include it in your Notes column.

Who buys knife collections today?

One of the top buyers of fine knife collections is 2nd Markets of Nashville, TN. Google 2ND MARKETS BBB PROFILE to learn more.

Learn More About Knife Values

iGuide’s knife price guide is a good place to find the pricing information about your knife collection and its current value. Learn more. This guide provides a starting point for creating an inventory list of your knife collection. By documenting your collection thoroughly, you're not only preparing for potential sales but also preserving the history and value of your cherished items.