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Mint Mark Locations on United States Coins

Jon R Warren
United States Coins have been issued at several locations, called "Mints", around the United States. A tiny letter, such as D, or S, or CC, is sometimes stamped on the coin to indicate which mint produced the coin. These are called Mint Marks and are a very important part of coin collecting. Sometimes, the mint mark alone determines the value of the coin.

How to find Mint Marks: The coin's Mint mark, if any, is small and difficult to find. The Mint mark  is always a single letter with the exception of the Carson City Mint, which is "CC". The location of the Mint mark varies depending upon the coin design and the coin's date. The chart that follows shows the exact location of the Mint Mark on most older USA coins.

WARNING: When a big price difference depends upon the Mint mark, the coin should be carefully examined for alterations. Mint marks can be changed, added, or removed to defraud collectors.

NOTE: Obverse means the front (heads) of the coin, and Reverse means the back (tails) of the coin.

PENNY  (Indian Head, 1859-1908) ---  Reverse, below wreath
PENNY  (Lincoln Wheat, 1909-1958) ---   Obverse, below date
PENNY  (Lincoln Memorial, 1959-today) ---   Obverse, below date 
THREE CENT (silver) ---  Reverse, at right of C
FIVE CENT NICKEL (Liberty Head) ---  Reverse, at left of cents below dot
FIVE CENT NICKEL (Buffalo) ---  Reverse, below 5 cents
FIVE CENT NICKEL (Buffalo, 1942-1945) ---  Reverse, large mint mark above building
FIVE CENT NICKEL (Jefferson, 1938-1964) ---  Reverse, at right of building
FIVE CENT NICKEL (Jefferson, 1968-today) ---  Obverse, below date
HALF DIME (Liberty Seated) ---  Reverse, above or below bow of wreath
DIME (Liberty Seated) ---  Reverse, Reverse, above or below bow of wreath  
DIME (Barber) ---  Reverse, below wreath
DIME (Mercury) --- Reverse, at right of ONE
DIME (Roosevelt, 1946-1964) ---  Reverse, at left of torch
DIME (Roosevelt, 1968-today) ---  Obverse, above date
TWENTY CENTS  --- Reverse, below eagle
QUARTER (Liberty Seated) --- Reverse, below eagle
QUARTER (Barber) --- Reverse,  below eagle
QUARTER (Standing Liberty) --- Obverse,  at left of date
QUARTER (Washington, 1938-1964) --- Reverse,  below wreath
QUARTER (Washington, 1968-today) --- Obverse,  at right of ribbon
HALF DOLLAR (Capped bust, reeded edge) --- Obverse, above date
HALF DOLLAR (Liberty Seated) ---   Reverse, below eagle
HALF DOLLAR (Barber) ---   Reverse, below eagle
HALF DOLLAR (Liberty Walking, 1916-1917) --- Obverse, below motto
HALF DOLLAR (Liberty Walking, 1917-1947) --- Reverse, below leaves at left
HALF DOLLAR (Franklin) --- Reverse, above yoke of bell     
HALF DOLLAR (Kennedy, 1964) --- Reverse, at left of branch
HALF DOLLAR (Kennedy, 1968-today) --- Obverse, above date
DOLLAR (Eisenhower) --- Obverse, above date 
DOLLAR (Liberty Seated) --- Reverse, below eagle
DOLLAR (Morgan) --- Reverse, below wreath
DOLLAR (Peace) --- Reverse, below eagle
DOLLAR (Susan B. Anthony) --- Obverse, at left of head 
DOLLAR (Trade) --- Reverse, below eagle  
GOLD $2.50 QUARTER EAGLE (Classic Head) --- Obverse, above date
GOLD $2.50 QUARTER EAGLE (Coronet) --- Reverse, below eagle
GOLD $2.50 QUARTER EAGLE (Indian Head) --- Reverse, at left of fasces
GOLD THREE DOLLARS  --- Reverse, below wreath
GOLD $5 HALF EAGLE (Classic Head) --- Obverse, above date
GOLD $5 HALF EAGLE (Coronet, 1839) --- Obverse, above date
GOLD $5 HALF EAGLE (Coronet, 1840-1908) ---  Reverse, below eagle 
GOLD $5 HALF EAGLE (Indian Head) --- Reverse, at left of fasces
GOLD $10 EAGLE (Coronet) --- Reverse, below eagle 
GOLD $10 EAGLE (Indian Head) --- Reverse, at left of fasces
GOLD $20 DOUBLE EAGLE (Coronet) --- Reverse, below eagle 
GOLD $20 DOUBLE EAGLE (St. Gaudens) --- Obverse, above date