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American Gold Eagles

Jon R. Warren
One Ounce of Gold
Many countries now issue a one ounce bullion coin, to be sold at a very low premium over the intrinsic gold value. The American version is the Eagle.

Krugerrands versus Eagles
Because krugerrands were the first one ounce gold bullion coins to be issued, it is worth comparing gold eagles with krugers.
Krugerrands were first issued in 1967, as one ounce bullion coins. From 1980, they were also produced in fractional sizes of half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce. Eagles were introduced in 1986, in all four weights except the quarter ounce which was not introduced until 1987

The Eagle Family
Gold Eagles are available in four different sizes and weights, from one ounce to one tenth of an ounce, as detailed below.

Technical Specifications
The following table summarises the specifications of all the sizes.
SizeFace ValueDiameterWeightFineGold Content Gold Content
 US $mm.Grams/1.000GramsTroy Ounces
One Ounce5032.734.0500.91731.1041.0000

Table Notes
The 1/12th of the alloy, or 8.33%, which is not gold, is 5.33% copper and 3% silver. Diameter = Diameter in millimeters.
US $ = US Dollars
mm. = millimeters.
Fine = Millesimal fineness.
Qtr = Quarter.