iGuide #178495

First edition, first printing.

Rare vintage erotic paperback, sleaze written pseudonymously by Harlan Ellison. a number of the stories appeared in 1950's Men's Magazines like GENT, ROGUE, etc., contents include: Sex Gang; The Girl with the Horizontal Mind (originally released as The Gal with the Horizontal Mind by Price Curtis ); Wanted: Two Trollops; The Ugly Virgin (originally released as God Bless the Ugly Virgin ); Sin Time ( originally released as The Silence of Infidelity ); The Pied Piper of sex ( originally released as The Pied Piper of Love ); Bayou Sex Cat ( originally released as A Blue Note for Bayou Betty by Derry Tiger ); The lady Had Zilch; Girl with the Bedroom Eyes ( originally released as Jeanie with the Bedroom Eyes ); The Lustful One ( originally released as The Hungry One ); Bohemia for Christie ( originally released as The Bohemia of Arthur Archer ). Colorful Good Girl GGA painted cover art uncredited but likely Robert Bonfils. 

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