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What is a Mint Mark to a coin collector?

Jon Warren
The United States Mint has had several facilities throughout its history, each identified by a unique mint mark. These mint marks are small letters stamped on coins to identify where they were made. Here's a list of the mint marks and the corresponding cities in the United States Mint network:
  • P - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • D - Denver, Colorado
  • S - San Francisco, California
  • CC - Carson City, Nevada
  • W - West Point, New York
  • O - New Orleans, Louisiana
  • C - Charlotte, North Carolina (Historic)
  • D (Historic) - Dahlonega, Georgia
It's worth noting that the Philadelphia mint was the first mint established in the United States, and for a long time, it did not use a mint mark. Modern coins minted in Philadelphia now carry the "P" mint mark, except for the cent. The other mints were established later to accommodate the expansion of the country and the need for coinage. The Carson City, Charlotte, and Dahlonega mints are historic and no longer in operation.