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Graham Holroyd's Vintage Paperback Price Guide : Current Market Value of Vintage Paperbacks


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About Holroyd's Paperback Price Guide

paperback price guide Searching for vintage paperback values? You have come to the right place! IGuide™ is proud to host the online version of Graham Holroyd's Paperback Prices. The price guide is maintained by Graham Holroyd, whose Paperback Price Guide book has been the authority on vintage paperback values since its publication in 2003. The database contains tens of thousands of web pages of information on individual paperback books. Each page contains a description of the book and estimated values, as well as a section for "Real Market Data", actual prices contributed by our Board of Advisors.

Of course, a Vintage Paperback is only worth what a willing buyer will pay to a willing seller. A Guide is just a "guide." Please be aware that PRICES VARY WIDELY from region to region. Current estimated values are the result of many hours of research. And we invite anyone to help add and update data. Read the "What's A Wiki" section below for more info on how to help.

When selling wholesale, or selling your entire collection at one time, expect to be offered anywhere from 30% to 50% of the total retail value depending on the quality and condition of your items.

About The Estimated Values Shown

The Estimated Values shown on each web page represent our best effort at providing a reliable price estimate. However, prices and and do become out-dated. One person cannot possibly keep every page up-to-date, so that is why we created a Wiki system to allow anyone to help maintain the database. We invite anyone who sees a problem with any Estimated Value to report it to us by clicking the Report A Problem icon at the top of each page (it looks like this paperback value).

How To Search

The search engine will find matching pages based on keywords you type into the Search Box found at the top of each page. The engine searches all categories of objects, not just this category. You can limit search results to just Paperbacks by adding the word PAPERBACK to the search string. You can search by cover artist, or author, publisher, or literally any key words you want in the title, for example:
DELL will return all database records containing the word DELL (including comic books and many other categories).

FREDRIC BROWN DELL will return all paperbacks by Fredric Brown published by Dell.

ACE 505 will return all paperbacks published by ACE and having a number containing 505.

FREDRIC BROWN DELL MAPBACK will return NO RESULTS because nowhere in the database is the word MAPBACK in the description.

Be A Contributor

We invite expert collectors and dealers to contribute knowledge to the search engine for the shared benefit of the collecting community. It's easy, anyone can add images and contribute information to the web pages in the database. Read more in the "What Is A WIki?" section below.

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a web page that anyone can make changes to. The job of maintaining accurate information is far too monumental for one person, but a community of enthusiasts can maintain many thousands of pages quite easily, each person adding a bit at a time. That's the idea behind iGuide's "What's It Worth Wiki". The most famous example of a Knowledge Wiki is Wikipedia, of course. But, our vision is that someday iGuide will become the Wikipedia of Art, Antiques, Collectibles, Memorabilia...and Vintage Paperbacks.

iGuide is here to provide the platform and tools to enable researchers and collectors to share knowledge. Anyone can contribute to the WIKI. Upload images, improve descriptions, update pricing, add auction results and "Real Market Data", add missing pages, and so on. If you see something wrong, fix it. If you see something missing, add it. Read more about our vision of a community of shared information in our Knowledge Manifesto. Then, read our Community Guidelines.

What is "Real Market Data"?

real market data

Wouldn't it be great if you could determine what price constitutes a "fair deal" before you made a deal? We think so. That's why we've created iGuide's Real Market Data (RMD) pricing, our proprietary system that does the research for you. It's a guide that gives you updated information on what you should pay for an item or what you should expect to receive — without having to spend hours researching. iGuide's Real Market Data pricing system is the internet's best guide to market value pricing and the only pricing system designed with the consumer in mind. Our exclusive RMD pricing is based on real sales data, gathered from auction sites in near real-time. This ensures you get the most accurate pricing available, as quickly as possible!

Get an iGuide For Your Site

price guide

If you have a website that is targeted toward consumers, we encourage you to add our Real Market Data Search Box to your Web site. We've made the process simple, quick and painless — and implementation is free. These are low-bandwidth tools that allow you to offer up-to-date, unbiased pricing to your Web site users. CONTACT US

Add an iGuide™ to Your Web Site (coming soon) CONTACT US

Is It Free Of Charge?

YES! Our goal is to always keep iGuide a FREE site without ever charging users a subscription fee. We will survive from donations and sponsors, or we die. NO SUBSCRIPTIONS!


A wonderful checklist by Robert Reginald entitled The Cumulative Paperback Index, 1939-1959 was the first study into the history of paperback books. An early price guide (pre-Warren) by Kevin Hancer contributed greatly to the growth of the hobby. iGuide's database is based on a comprehensive checklist and price guide to paperback books by Jon R. Warren and published by Random Houses' "House of Collectibles" division in 1991. It was titled The Official Price Guide to Paperback Books. Sales were disappointing. In 2000, Jon sold the rights to Graham Holroyd. In 2003, the first edition of Graham's Paperback Prices and Checklist was published by iGuide Media.

iGuide was founded in January, 1999 to address the question, "What's it Worth?" .

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