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Category: Big Little Books iGuide.net Page #42308  
Complete Box of Classic Monster Trucks collector card packs. Each of the 36 packs contains 12 cards... Get Details
Category: Baseball Cards iGuide.net Page #707154  
Category: Vintage Paperbacks  iGuide.net Page #173401  
Category: Pulp Magazines iGuide.net Page #208498  
Category: Vintage Paperbacks  iGuide.net Page #184285  
Price is per pound (16 standard ounces). Uncoated means without plastic or rubber coating around th... Get Details
Category: Scrap Copper iGuide.net Page #137950  
American One Sheet from the 1939 original release of the film with Douglas Corrigan, Paul Kelly. D... Get Details
Category: Movie Posters iGuide.net Page #100477  
Category: Comic Books  iGuide.net Page #239190  
39 mm in diameter. The Illinois Sesquicentennial coin came in two varieties, a Silver Proof coin an... Get Details
Category: World Coins iGuide.net Page #207851  
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