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Category: Action Figures iGuide.net Page #140706  
The beauty and mystery of birds was both the theme and the inspiration for this series of 50 medals... Get Details
Category: Franklin Mint iGuide.net Page #79986  
Category: Vintage Paperbacks  iGuide.net Page #196350  
15/16 inches tall. 'USA 1988 GOEBEL 251-P MINIATURES' imprinted in blue on bottom of base.  Get Details
Category: Hummel iGuide.net Page #673841  
Category: Action Figures iGuide.net Page #148663  
A: Old Deacon Johnson
B: JESS HILLARD: She's a Hum Dum Dinger

Get Details
Category: Records: 78 RPM iGuide.net Page #316960  
Category: Baseball Cards iGuide.net Page #323315  
Category: Vintage Paperbacks  iGuide.net Page #169964  
American One Sheet from the 1953 original release of the horror thriller with Richard Carlson, Vero... Get Details
Category: Movie Posters iGuide.net Page #109724  
Category: Baseball Cards iGuide.net Page #318248  
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