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What is "Real Market Data"™ ?

Real Market Data™ are prices the iGuide Research Team has seen in the marketplace. RMD are actual PRICES PAID at auction. We believe that an item is worth NOT what someone is asking, but what someone has paid. Therefore, we believe the most powerful prices are those that have been paid at auctions, either live or online.

Wouldn't it be great if you could determine what price constitutes a "fair deal" before you made a deal? We think so. That's why we've created iGuide's Real Market Data™ (RMD) pricing, our proprietary system that does the research for you. It's a guide that gives you updated information on what you should pay for an item or what you should expect to receive — without having to spend hours researching. iGuide's Real Market Data™ pricing system is the internet's best guide to market value pricing and the only pricing system designed with the consumer in mind. Our exclusive RMD pricing is based on real sales data, gathered from auction sites in near real-time. This ensures you get the most accurate pricing available, as quickly as possible!


If you have a website that is targeted toward consumers, we encourage you to add our Real Market Data Search Box to your Web site. We've made the process simple, quick and painless — and implementation is free. These are low-bandwidth tools that allow you to offer up-to-date, unbiased pricing to your Web site users.

  • Add a RMD Calculator to Your Web Site (coming soon)