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Category: Copper Items

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Antique Copper Arts & Crafts Watering Can WMF Hallmark

This antique piece is an example of German Arts & Crafts metal-ware from the late 1800s or early 1900s. It is marked on the bottom with an ostrich inside a diamond. It is 9-1/2" tall at the top of the handle and 15" wide including the spout.

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19" Antique Copper Candy Kettle Cooking Pot

Measures approx. 19 inches across in diameter, 7 inches tall from outside.

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We're looking to buy this old coffee shop piece that employs fine metal smithing. These were never made of solid copper as that metal will taint the favor of coffee beans. It has a brass scoop that is held in the upper compartment for such and has a chromed dispensing spigot. This piece is 17 ½” tall and 12” round.