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TEACHER (CAUCASIAN) Barbie Doll (Career Collection, Mattel #13914, 1995)

The Teacher Barbie Doll from the Career Collection, with the Mattel product number #13914, was released in 1995, not 1994 as sometimes mistakenly noted. This particular Barbie is part of a long tradition of career-themed Barbies, with Mattel having introduced over 200 career dolls over the years, including a focus on STEM fields in recent times

The Teacher Barbie set typically includes the Barbie doll herself, dressed as a teacher, along with accessories relevant to her profession, such as a classroom setting or educational tools. Some sets also include student dolls, enhancing the play experience by allowing for a more interactive teaching scenario.

The value of the Teacher Barbie #13914 can vary significantly based on its condition, packaging, and whether it is new in box (NIB) or has been opened.

The wide price range suggests that the doll's value is highly dependent on the collector market's demand at any given time, as well as the specific details of the item being sold, such as its condition and completeness. Collectors looking to determine the fair market value of their Teacher Barbie Doll or any other collectible Barbie should consider factors such as the doll's condition, rarity, packaging, and market demand.

What's It Worth?

C-Grade C10 C9 C8 C7 C6 C5 C4 C3 C2 C1
  NIB New in Box NMIB Near Mint In Box EIB Excellent In Box VFIB Very Fine In Box FIB Fine In Box VGIB NMNB FNB VGNB GNB

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